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When I first walked in, she kissed me immediately and started to disrobe. It was my first time with a provider so I wasn't sure what to expect, but we made small talk briefly and sat down on the bed. London Escorts girl started undressing me shortly after that and gave me a wonderful blowjob. Switched to missionary after that and she had a deep pussy that I did my best to fill. I stopped before she made me cum so I could put a couple fingers inside her and suck on Escorts’ in London titties, which are very ticklish around the nipple. London Escorts girl rode me cowgirl after that, then switched to doggy where I busted inside her while playing with Escorts’ in London ass. After that I pulled out (she didn't pull away and I felt like I could stay in there forever) and we cleaned up, talked for a while before I said goodbye. Did not ask for Greek, so I can't comment on that. London Escorts girl was a great provider, and made me feel very comfortable the whole time. I will definitely call her the next time she's in town.
by Tytus, from London | Written on July 2017
I asked London Escorts' to lay back and let me take a gander at her, she did, bosoms were marginally droopy, however adequate, she has a pretty face and her body is not terrible, I quite recently had my mind set on something entirely unexpected. Escorts' in London was spotless shaven, a great conversationalist and we slipped into an agreeable common stroking session. I went for some DATY. Escorts' in London was bit dry at initially, however dampened up as I sucked on her clit.

I delighted in DATY for around 10 minutes than surfaced for oxygen, she (asked) in the event that she could have London Escorts' turn, I said beyond any doubt. on went the cover for a better than expected CBJ. I requesting that her get on top. Her pussy felt so great, and she truly looked great sitting up there in CG so I completed in the cap in under five minutes. Escorts' in London jumped off, and we discussed London Escorts' nation of origin and a few spots the two of us had been. I got dressed and left.
by Karl, from UK | Written on January 2017
Where I met, her was perfect and extremely private. I didn't feel unusual coming. Escorts' in London is a Barbie doll sort blonde, exceptionally tease and sweet. We get the opportunity to see setup where she gives me first. The shower was hot in light of the fact that she was on London Escorts' knees the whole time, sucking my hard chicken while we both cleaned ourselves. Escorts' in London lets me cum inside after so much hot eye contact. Escorts' in London spits it out. After the shower, I laid on this pad sort thing.

The nuru was awesome. Escorts' in London rubs her body against you the whole time, rubbing her tits and pussy along your cockerel, kneading your back. When you flip over, she instructs you to lay back. Escorts' in London sucks your cockerel some more then puts on a cover so she can fuck you while she's on top. I touched London Escorts' tits and kissed her. Escorts' in London was somewhat timid about utilizing London Escorts' tongue yet it was fabulous. The administration is somewhat costly yet I think justified, despite all the trouble in any case.
by Robert, from Croydon | Written on September 2016